What’s Included

– 5 Days Container Usage

– 1.5 Tons Of Disposal
– Delivery And Pick Up


What’s Extra

– $9.99 Additional Day Usage

– $149.99 Additional Tonnage

– $39.99 Mattress
– $19.99 Tire

What It Can Holds

Hold Up To 4 Tons or 5 PickUp Truck Loads and ideal for:

– Landscape Project Clean Up

– Purging or Cleaning out before a move

– CleanUps before and after a move

– Disposal of up to 45 square feet of roofing shingles

– Debris such as asphalt, concrete and building materials

Unacceptable Materials

Aerosol cans, soil, animals, antifreeze, asbestos, barrels, batteries, chemical products, paint, propane tanks, radioactive materials, railroad ties, solvents.